Our Mission


 Every child will be supported in engaging in a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that will prepare them for success on their future college and career paths.

In order to bring our vision to reality, we will:

  • Build a collaborative culture among all stakeholders dedicated to student achievement.
  • Foster a nurturing and safe school climate that is rich with teaching and learning.
  • Establish a school-wide focus on employing research-based instructional strategies.
  • Provide a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum and assessments.
  • Practice data-driven decision making when planning and modifying instruction.
  • Engage in Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) based on analysis of student achievement and instruction.
  • Create a school structure that supports student mastery, appropriate student placement, and targeted
  • interventions.
  • Promote parent and community engagement that is centered on academic achievement.
  • Produce students that are prepared for the next grade level expectations.
  • Develop a school program that supports social emotional learning and develop healthy habits for academic success.